Rubber Glass Shower Door Squeegee with Shower Hooks

Rubber Glass Shower Door Squeegee with Shower Hooks

Window Squeegee, Shower Squeegee - Lightweight Shower Squeegy Cleaner | Bathroom Squeegee | Portable Car Glass Cleaner | Small Squeegee as Perfect Addition to Your Janitorial Supplies

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Shower Squeegee, Rubber Glass Shower Door Squeegee with Shower Hooks, Hand Held Shower Door Squeegee with Hanging Hole Squeegee for Car Windows, Shower Glass Door, Windows
Size: The shower squeegee has a 24cm/9.4in wiper blade, which is wide enough to accommodate a larger area. The glass shower door squeegee is made with a comfortable handle, the length of the handle is 21.5cm/8.5in. The non-slip handle of the squeegee shower fits perfectly in your palm without slipping
Silicone Material: This shower squeegee is made of soft silicone material, which is light and durable. If the silicone squeegee for shower glass door accidentally falls and hits the bathroom floor, it will not cause damage. The squeegee for car windows provides a smooth wipe without streaks and squeaks. The shower squeegee for shower doors has a good wiping effect, no water stains after drying
Hanging Hole: The bathroom squeegee for shower has hanging holes for easy storage. The wall-mounted design allows you to store the glass squeegee bathroom on the shower head, towel bar, etc.
Shower Suction Cup Hooks: The package contains 4 shower hooks suction cup. The shower wall hooks requires no tools, just clean the smooth surface with a cleaning cloth, then lift, push in and lock the suction cup. The bathroom hooks suction should be placed where there is space to hang the shower squeegee.
Large quantity: The package contains 4 glass shower door squeegee, which can meet your daily needs. Multi-purpose universal squeegee shower for scrubbing shower doors and walls, tiles, windows, car windshields and windows.
Cleaning your windows and glass surfaces is a necessary chore to be completed every now and again, but sometimes, it can end up making the glass surface look worse than how it looked before you started because of streaks. There are old wives tales that suggest using newspaper to clean a glass surface may help, but that doesn’t always work.

The only way to ensure that you are properly cleaning a window with no traces left behind is by using a squeegee, and with this Multipurpose Window, Shower and Glass Squeegee, you can get better results than ever before.

The Multipurpose Window, Shower and Glass Squeegee is a squeegee window cleaner that can tackle any smooth surface and give it a brand new shine with no streaks left behind.

Ideal as a shower cleaner, window cleaner, mirror cleaner and more, this squeegee features a silicone blade that is flexible yet strong, able to conform to the shape of your surface and wipe away plenty of liquid in one swipe.

It comes with an ergonomic, soft handle that won’t cause hand cramps as you use it, and its lightweight design helps to prevent your arm from becoming fatigued too quickly.

Even when the handle is wet, the squeegee will not slip out of your hand. With this Multipurpose Window, Shower and Glass Squeegee, car windows are easier to clean than ever before. You can also clean surfaces such as glass tables to give them a glimmering, pristine shine.

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