What kind of plastic wire should I use for toilet brush?

The toilet is a place that we pay more attention to in our daily cleaning. For the darkest and damp places where all kinds of bacteria can breed, what kind of plastic wire should we use for toilet brushes?

The plastic wire of the toilet brush should have good elasticity and strong vibration can achieve a better cleaning effect. The plastic wire of the toilet brush of pp material is just enough. Secondly, the material of the toilet brush plastic wire should not be very absorbent, otherwise it will not be easy to drain, and it will be easier to breed mold bacteria. From the point of view of not being easy to absorb water, PP polypropylene is more suitable for toilet brush.

The plastic wire of the pp toilet brush also meets the requirements of acid and alkali corrosion resistance and is relatively stable to chemical reactions. Good hardness is suitable for cleaning every dirt particles attached to the inner wall for a long time, which greatly improves the cleaning power of the toilet. In the long run, the toilet brush plastic filaments that do not shed hair and have antibacterial functions are even more icing on the cake.

Post time: Dec-27-2021