What is the correct way to use the toilet

1. After going to the toilet every time, you should cover the lid of the toilet and then press the flush button. This is a very important detail, which can prevent the sewage in the toilet from splashing into the air after being impacted, resulting in the pollution of sanitary ware and seriously affecting the use in the future.

2. On the side of the toilet, try not to put waste paper baskets. It should be known that over time, it is easy to breed details, and it will spread with the air, affecting personal health, especially in hot summer. If you insist on putting the paper basket, you need to remember to clean the garbage every day.

3.Sanitary cleaning of toilet gasket is also very important. Toilet washer is directly connected with personal skin. If it is not cleaned, it is easy to get infected with various diseases. If there is a cloth washer in winter, the washer shall be cleaned in time to avoid hiding various excreta.

4.The toilet brush is a tool used to clean the toilet. After each cleaning, the burr is bound to be stained with dirt. At this time, it needs to be placed under water to be cleaned for the next normal use. Note: do not throw all garbage into the toilet to avoid blockage.

Post time: Sep-01-2022