New right animal-machine for broom & brush from ZAHORANSKY

We’ll surely fall in claw with the specialist for household and hygiene brushes
This is a well-bred machine with potent genes, as it is a direct descendant of the Z.TIGER. And this shows: reliable, precise, quiet – tiger qualities. We kept what we value – without driving up the price. Claw away!
Driling and Tufting:in perfection
Hing tufting speed
Very shot standstill time
Extensive protection features

Freely programmable CNC control including 3D-Brush Designer online for a safe,simple and fast programming of the four axes. The system is also prepared for the 3D-Brush Designer offline version for programming brush hole fields on an external PC.
Brush length of up to 400mm possible in one operation
High-performance drilling machines without additional cooling and low energy consumption

Post time: Nov-12-2021