How to use a plastic broom to make it cleaner?

Today, I would like to introduce to you the usage of plastic brooms. If they are used correctly, they will be cleaner.

  1. Grip: Press the thumb of one hand on the end of the broom and hold it with the other four fingers, and hold it 30-40cm below with the other hand.

  2. Posture: Lean your upper body slightly forward, but not too bent, and use a posture that is not easy to fatigue. Sweeping method: Keep the broom on the ground. When sweeping, you must press down with your hand. It is necessary to sweep away the dust and garbage, but also to prevent the dust from picking up. If there is too much dust on the ground, you can spray some clean water with spray air before sweeping. Each sweep should be built on the ground to remove the dust and rubbish on the broom.


  3. In order not to step on the garbage, we should keep sweeping forward.

  4. Clean from a narrow place to a wide place, and clean from the corner to the middle.

  5. When cleaning the room, in principle, from the inside to the outside.

  6. When cleaning the stairs, stand on the next level, concentrate from the left and right ends to the middle, and then sweep down. Take care to prevent rubbish and dust from falling off the stairs.

Post time: Dec-27-2021