Water Bottles Cleaning Brushes with Long Handle

Water Bottles Cleaning Brushes with Long Handle

Bottle Brush Cleaner, Water Bottles Cleaning Brushes with Long Handle, Flexible Bottle Washer Cup Scrubber & Round Bottle Scrub Brush Set

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Safe nylon bristles brush: Soft white bristles are gentle enough to clean without scratching. Flat bristles can be full contact with the bottom of bottles, making it easier to thoroughly clean the stain in hard-reach corners.
Good grips bottle brush: Non-slip handle stays secure even while wet. A small brush hidden in handle for cleaning lids, narrow openings, bottle nipples, or bottle inner mechanisms.
Long handle scrub brush: Thick plastic integrated long handle provides better leverage than wire bottle brushes for excellent cleaning work. Cup Brush with hanging ring easy to storage and keep dry.
Widely daily used: Long handle bottle scrubber can be easily fitted into various water bottles, thermos cups, travel mugs, baby bottles, coffee mugs and more. Handle length: 12 Inch, Brush Width: 2.5 Inch.

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