Multi-Surface Floor Scrub Brush for Cleaning Deck

Multi-Surface Floor Scrub Brush for Cleaning Deck

Bristle: PET
Handle: Stainless Steel 

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18″ Push Broom with Adjustable Long Handle, Total Length is 55″, Multi-Surface Floor Scrub Brush for Cleaning Deck, Patio, Garage, Driveway
● Dual-Fill Bristles – The combination of stiff & soft bristles made this broom gathers dirt and dust easily. Soft longer bristles get the small stuff and the stiffer inner bristles move the bigger things easily.
● Angled Threaded Broom Joint – It is another advantage of sweeping efficiency. This means that the broom does not have to be tilted when brushing and all bristles are in full contact with the floor.
● Upgraded Adjustable Length – Thanks for our valued customer feedback, this upgraded push broom comes with an additional extension handle, which is 10″ in length. Included extension piece helps easily extend from 120cm/47″ to 140cm/55″, suitable for people of different heights.
● Cleaning Large Area – Due to its 18-inch width it sweeps up the yard in half the time. There is nothing to worry about the dust will rising in clouds in daily use.
● Various Appilications – Suitable for cleaning garden, deck, patio, garage, driveway and much more indoor/outdoor surfaces.Can be used wet or dry for general sweeping or scrubbing with water and detergent
Package Contents 3 x pole branches, 1 x broom head, 2 x screws, 2 x clips(for fixing when hanging on the wall to store)

LandHope Floor Brush for Cleaning Dust
The large broom can quickly clean a large area of dust and increase work efficiency.
LandHope Floor Brush for Cleaning Hair
The design of the broom can easily take away hair, whether it is human hair or animal hair.
LandHope Floor Brush for Scrubbing Floor
The brush head of the broom is very suitable for scrubbing the floor. Wet the floor and then use a 45-degree broom to scrub the floor easily and effortlessly.

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